Advocacy Program

30th January 2017  

St. John’s Community Centre – Pumwani
P.O. Box 16254 – 00610
Nairobi, Kenya

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St. John’s Community Centre - Pumwani (SJCC) is a Faith Based Organization located in Pumwani Division of Nairobi County and a project of the Anglican Church of Kenya under the Nairobi Diocese. Its main aim is to empower the vulnerable communities in informal settlements living in abject poverty to become sustainable economically, politically, socially and spiritually. The Centre currently has fourteen programs charged with the responsibility of project support and implementation among them is Advocacy Program.
The Advocacy Program overall goal is to provide holistic civic education for social transformation with special emphasis on youth and women for meaningful and effectively participation in Kenyan national processes of democratization, rule of law and governance.

The Program is seeking an expression of interest from a resource expert(s) to develop the civic education toolkit in form of a curriculum or manual. The toolkit will be an instructional resource material comprising of a set of information, education and communication materials, methodologies, checklists and practical guides on effective delivery of the subject.

The purpose of the tool-kit is to offer a practical guide and reference materials for systematic delivery of civic education. This will support SJCC staff and community trainers to create, nurture and sustain an informed citizenry.

Kindly quote the price for the production of the toolkit (preferably for each of the two national languages), the terms of payment, the terms of delivery and the terms of post-production services. Please attach samples in soft copies of previous work done in toolkit development. Find the attached for more information on the toolkit development.
Please forward your expression of interest before / by 14th February 2017 end of business hour to following emails: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The toolkit will be used by community trainers drawn from urban informal settlements of Pumwani in Kamukunji Sub-County of Nairobi County.
1.    TRAINING / FACILITATION METHODS - should entail;

a)    An overview of different participatory training / facilitation methods

2.    THE CONSTITUTION - should entail;

a)    Historical Background of the Constitution in Kenya; Meaning, Purpose and Types of the Constitution, Constitution during the Pre-colonial and Colonial period and Constitutional Amendments between1964-2010
b)    The Constitution of Kenya; Overview of Key Provisions of the Constitution, Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in the Constitution and Principles of Leadership and Integrity
c)    Representation of the People; Key Provisions on Elections in Kenya, Functions   of   independent   Electoral   and   Boundaries Commission (IEBC), Electoral system and Process in Kenya, Political Parties and Electoral Offences and Process of Recall and Impeachment

3.    DEVOLUTION - should entail:

a)    Understanding Devolution; Kenya’s Devolution, Devolved funds and Kenya’s Transition Mechanisms to Devolved Government
b)    Government Structures; National Government, County Governments and Relationship between National and County Governments
c)    Inter-Governmental Relations; Principles and objects of Inter-governmental relations, Structures for Coordination of Inter-Governmental Relations and Mechanisms for Resolving Inter-Governmental Disputes
d)    Public Service; Government officers and Public Service Commissions and Values and Principles of the Public Service
e)    Public Finance; Principles of Public Finance Management, Sources and sharing of Government Revenue, Planning and Budget Making Process and Procurement of Goods, Works and Services

4.    PUBLIC PARTICIPATION - should entail;

a)    Sovereignty of the People,
b)    Successful Public Participation and Participation in Governance; Forms and stages of Public Participation and Principles, Application and Benefits of Public Participation
c)    Tools for Public Participation; Constitutional Provisions for Public Participation, Tools for Effective Public Participation and Platforms for Public Participation

January 2017

   Leaders Forum - A participant  contributing                                                                               
The Advocacy Program of St. John’s Community Centre Pumwani held a successful leaders forum on 14th April 2016 registering 52 leaders (30 Female and 12 male). 
Majority of the Leaders were representing various government offices, Faith based organization (FBOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Opinion leaders in Kamukunji Sub County and beyond. The facilitator Mr. Jeremiah Maroro oriented the leaders on the need to integrate civic education interventions and improve public participation in governance.
Majority of the leaders were derived from the Independent, Election and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), Adult Education, MSF Eastland’s, Peace Committee, Security Agents, Uwezo Fund, Kamukunji CDF, Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission, Women Enterprise Fund, Children Office, County Education Office and Chiefs. Human rights organizations were also represented by FIDA and Kituo cha Sheria. CBOs and FBOs were represented by Cluster Level Association, Pumwani Youth Group Network, Upraising Youth Group, Kamukunji Human Rights Defenders (KHRD), Mentor Mothers - Kiambiu, ACK Church. 
In conclusion, the forum  identified different areas of partnerships and the leaders pledged to support through the implementation of civic education initiatives within and after the project period.
Leaders concentrating during the forum
  The Officer Commanding Police Station(OCS) Mr. Mutembei (in Uniform) during the forum
The Advocacy Program of St. John’s Community Centre - Pumwani held a successful celebration marking Pumwani Women’s Day on 27th April 2016 registering a total of 511 guests (466 female and 45 male). 
The guests were derived from seven villages Majengo, Shauri-moyo, Kitui, Kanuku, Kinyango. Motherland, and Kiambiu. An Association representing 1025 women in Majengo and Kiambiu presented a memorandum with a six point plan requesting the Kamukunji Member of Parliament to intervene.   
The celebration was also graced by more than twelve officers as key guests. Each was given an opportunity to educate the public on the services they provide. The officers represented various offices namely the Kamukunji Member of Parliament, Women Enterprise Fund, Uwezo Fund, Constituency Development Fund, Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, Medicine san Frontiers, Member of County Assembly, the Sub County Peace Committee, National Government Administration Office, Insurance Company among others.
The office of Kamukunji Member of Parliament thanked St. John’s Community Centre – Pumwani for the good work and the support it has given to all Pumwani women without discrimination. 
In conclusion, the 511 guests were entertained and empowered on availability, eligibility, requirements and access mechanism of services and devolved government funds. 
All Guests during Pumwani Women's Day
 rsz rsz 1director opening the pumwani womens day
St. John's Community Centre(SJCC) Director giving welcome remarks
rsz mohamed nur representing the mp
Mr. Mohamed Nur representing the Kamukunji Member of Parliament(MP)
rsz 1procession to the venue 2
 Procession to the venue
The Advocacy Program of St. John’s Community Centre - Pumwani conducted an exposure visit for 36 Participatory Educational Theatre (PET) Performers to the Professional Centre along Parliament Road on Saturday 4th June 2016 to watch a thriller play “Kiss of Death”.
Kamau Ndungu, the Director of the play was the trainer of the PET trainer Benjamin Sidori, Civic Educator Francis Kinyua and Matheaus Chege in theatre performance ten years ago. He is also a resource person in the Advocacy Project movie production. He had engaged majority of the PET performers previously in the script development exercise but they could not identify or remember him as he played a character where he had disguised his walking style and eyes in the play.
The performers mentioned skills learnt that were applied in the play; facial expression, sound projection, body language, passion from actors, the use of props and costumes such as sound track in the back ground changed according to the mode of the actor on stage.
The performers appreciated the chance to watch the professional actors giving them hope in theatre performance. This also exposed them to perfect their scripts and develop creativity in their rehearsals. They also learnt that when you face the audience the actor should mean business.  
Sharing from a PET Performer: 
Antony Maina is a male aged twenty years and a resident of Kanuku. He is a PET performer recently trained by the Advocacy Office. He visited the office first thing in the morning on Monday 6th June 2016 to offer his appreciation for the theatre exposure. Antony confessed that it was the first in his life to visit a theatre auditorium and watch a play. This helped him meet the professional actors and the opportunity will improve his skills in theatre creativity. He learnt that a good play should have a well-developed script.
SJCC @ May 2016
rsz rsz antony in black listening attentively to the facilitator
Antony in Black listening attentively to the facilitator
The Advocacy Program of St. John’s Community Centre - Pumwani conducted an exposure visit to SHAASH Studio located in Ngara on 28th June 2016 for 26 Participatory Educational Theatre (PET) Performers. The PET performers consists of various artists namely dancers, musicians, poets, comedians, script writers, photographers.
The studio is a recording studio specialized in video production, music production, marketing and talent marketing. The Studio works closely with actors, poets, media houses and a production crew and partners with Sarakasi Dancers.
The performers got a chance to be shown around the studio and a few audio songs done by Studio were played for the performers. There was a chance for the performers to raise questions which were well addressed. 
The PET performers appreciated the work done by the studio and promised to visit again. Five representatives were selected to engage on how the studio can promote their talents. 
Further discussions will be organized by SJCC Programs in collaboration with SHAASH Studio with intention to initiate a theatre empowerment project with clear objectives, structure and time limits. 
SJCC @ June 2016


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