Program Background

The Ngong Child Protection Program (NCPP) intends to improve on Child Protection for children in Mathare and Embul-bul informal settlements both in Kajiado North Sub-County in Kajiado County. This will be done through strengthening the ability of community structures and children rights school clubs to effectively promote and protect children rights and enhance their participation within the child-rights framework. This is with an overall goal of facilitating a just society for the children. The capacity of structures such as village committees, community interest groups, and child protection teams, will be built in order to come up with interventions that focus on child empowerment.

An estimated 2,000 Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and 1000 youth from the two informal settlements will be the primary target beneficiaries. Children out of school will be supported to rejoin school or enroll in the government sponsored artisan training programs. All children will benefit from the awareness on children rights and the support system in the school clubs; improved response to their plight and improved parenting skills. There will be another 2,000 adults (800 men and 1200 mothers) they will be care givers of the targeted children. More women will be reached as they are the core care givers. They will benefit directly from the children rights and parenting training. They will also benefit from the linkages to family enrichment and economic empowerment service providers.           

50 teachers selected from the 5 target Primary schools will be equipped with skills and manuals to train children on children rights and to facilitate the school clubs to become safe spaces for dialogue and child led action on their rights. 50 community Resource persons will be trained to be VCO’s and they will also be trained to be parenting TOT’s. They will use their capacity to mitigate children rights issues in the community as well as promote positive parenting in the community. 7 chiefs and 80 Nyumba Kumi leaders will be trained on the children’s act and on their role in child protection and case management. The six children officers will be supported to improve their capacity in strengthening their structures to manage children data and provide quality services to children

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Participants drawn from Embul-bul and Mathare during validation workshop

The day of the African Child Celebration 2021

Community leaders’ consultation meeting on child rights implementation.

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