The Church Community Mobilization for Transformational Development

The Church Community mobilization for transformational development program. Aims to build the capacity of local churches (Anglican Church) to effectively execute integral mission and transform the socio-economic and spiritual lives of the poor and vulnerable within their reach. We have impacted 14 churches and plans are underway to impact more by allowing the church to run the intervention independently to date we have achieved the following:
Bishop and senior clergy Ethiopia exposure visit to the Ethiopian Kale Heywott church that has effectively implemented CCMTD for many years.

  • CCMTD Vicars exposure visit to the Ethiopian Kale Heywott Church CCMTD projects
  • Diocesan director of mission during CCMTD trainings and field visits.
  • 10 out of 11 Archdeaconries facilitating the envisioning of all clergy and evangelists to equip them with the understanding of CCMTD as well as making them facilitators who will use it to empower their churches.

The development of a more effective CCMTD approach that empowers the church and the community. This involved the successful blending of the original CCMTD concept with CCMP. Materials for the same have been developed for SJCC and the Diocese of Nairobi. These include

  • Envisioning manual
  • Bible study guides
  • Msamaria Mwema Manuals and easy to follow leaflets

Engagement of 10 Parishes for congregation empowerment and community transformation. Over 13 communities impacted through Msamaria Mwema (Self-help groups):

  • Training of Diocesan leadership
  • Training Vicars
  • Envisioning Parish leaderships
  • Training facilitators
  • Facilitating mobilization of groups and their training and mentorship

Monthly bible studies hosted by St Stephen’s Cathedral for CCMTD clergy. The aim being to create an avenue through which these clergy may continue to build their CCMTD capacity and in turn build the capacity of their co-church facilitators who in turn facilitate CCMTD alongside their vicars in their respective churches.


  • By close of 2019 The Parishes had been able to sustain 53SHGs with 742 individuals (120men and 622women) in the groups. The groups have a capital of 2million shillings. Out of the 53SHGs, group members of 52 SHGs are accessing loans. These loans were used to educate children, access medical care, start and expand existing businesses as well as emergency funds for a rainy day e.g., paying rent and buying food when times get very hard.
  • Out of the 742, there are 180 individuals who started new businesses through group loans. There are over 100 casual laborers who could now access loans.
  • Group members-built bonds and each group has a unique way of how they support each other. There have been cases of supporting each other in burial of loved ones, celebrations.
  • Character reform
  • Holistic growth in the lives of group members

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