Program Background

Together for Safe Children is a transformative program dedicated to enhancing child protection systems in the Embul-bul and Mathare informal settlements. The program’s primary goal is to establish robust child protection mechanisms capable of upholding children’s rights, effectively identifying and addressing child rights violations, and fostering a secure environment within the community.

Together for Safe Children envisions a community where children grow up in an environment that values and protects their rights. By empowering children, parents, and child protection service providers, the program not only prevents child rights violations but also cultivates a culture of collaboration and vigilance.

Ultimately, the program aims to create a lasting legacy of safety and care, ensuring that the Embul-bul and Mathare informal settlements become places where children can thrive, protected by a strong network of supportive stakeholders.

How we do it

  1. Child Rights Initiatives- The program engages schools to instill children’s awareness of their rights, thereby fostering an environment where they can advocate for their own protection.
  2. Positive Parenting Training – Parents are equipped with positive parenting skills and techniques to create nurturing and safe home environments for their children.
  3. Capacity Building for Service Providers- Child protection service providers receive training and support to enhance their ability to effectively respond to child rights violations.
  4. Community Engagement – The program encourages active community involvement through awareness campaigns, workshops, and events that promote child protection.

Participants drawn from Embul-bul and Mathare during validation workshop

The day of the African Child Celebration 2021

Community leaders’ consultation meeting on child rights implementation.

Some of Our Partners