Child Rescue

About Child Rescue Project

Child Rescue  Program focuses on the reduction of child mortality. It is designed to address the critical health needs of expectant mothers and children aged 0-5 years in Kiambiu informal settlement in Nairobi County. The program’s primary objective is to reduce mortality and morbidity rates among these vulnerable communities improving their health standards and promoting healthier lifestyles through mentorship and support. The program aims to empower families to make healthier choices, break the cycle of poor health, and create a healthier, brighter future for the entire community.

The program has trained a team of community health volunteers, known as community mentor mothers and fathers, who reside within the community. Their close proximity allows them to offer meaningful support and assistance to the community members, ensuring a strong and effective network of care.

How we do it

  1. Maternal Health Support- Through the program, expectant mothers are connected and referred to healthcare facilities where they can access prenatal care, undergo medical check-ups, and receive health education, ensuring healthier pregnancies and safer childbirth.
  2. Child Health Services- The program facilitates referrals for young children to access healthcare facilities for immunizations, regular health assessments, and nutritional support, promoting their optimal growth and development.
  3. Health Workshops-The program organizes workshops on nutrition,      hygiene, and disease prevention for mothers and caregivers, equipping them with practical knowledge.
  1. Community Health Campaigns – The initiative engages in community-wide health campaigns to raise awareness, offer screenings, and disseminate critical health information.
  2. Counseling and Support- Mental health and emotional well-being support is provided for both mothers and caregivers, recognizing the importance of holistic health.
  3. In an emergency, the child rescue team organizes a rescue transport and accompanies the mother with the child to the health facility. The program supports the family with financial resources so they can afford the necessary diagnosis treatment and medication.

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