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About Child Rescue Project

Child rescue project was initiated in the year 2011 with a goal of reducing mortality rate among children under five years and expectant mothers in informal settlements areas of Kiambiu.

The project targets the expectant mothers, takes them through various sessions and trainings on the importance of ANC (Antenatal Care Clinics), importance of giving birth in health facilities and bringing up healthy babies through the help of PNC (Post Natal Clinics).

The project complements MOH department of maternal and child health by identifying the sick children between 0-5 years and the expectant mothers at risk and refers them to the relevant competent service providers on need be basis. The project has previously supported the MOH to disseminate new information on child health among the targeted community.

The project works closely with a group of Community Own Resource Persons commonly known as “Mentor Mothers and Fathers” (MM/F) trained on basic maternal and child health skills in collaboration with MOH Community Strategy. Monthly review meeting with MM/F are held to reinforce learnt skills and disseminate new information on basic maternal and child health skills.

More than 3,000 households have been impacted positively through empowering the expectant mothers / parents / guardians / caregivers on good hygiene practises, parental responsibility, upholding of health seeking practices i.e. practicing family planning, proper balanced nutrition, exclusive breast feeding, immunization, the importance of delivering under the care of skilled personnel and avoiding self-medication.

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