Igniting Change: Reflections on the St. John's Community Centre AGM

Madam Rudia, Chief of Party (COP) at USAID 4BetterHealth, and Joseph Gitu share a lighthearted moment.


The St. John’s Community Centre in Pumwani recently witnessed an inspiring convergence of minds during its Annual General Meeting (AGM). At the forefront were Joseph Gitu, the dedicated Project Coordinator for USAID Tumikia Mtoto, and Madam Rudia Ikamati, the visionary Chief of Party for USAID 4BetterHealth. Together, they set the course for a healthier, brighter future.


The AGM served as a moment of reflection and recognition, allowing all programs to showcase their remarkable achievements over the past year. It was truly astounding to learn about the transformative impact these initiatives have had on countless lives within the St. John’s Community Centre.


Madam Rudia Ikamati, drawing on her extensive experience, played an integral role in shaping the discussions. Her insightful contributions resonated throughout the presentations, highlighting her invaluable leadership as the Chief of Party for USAID 4BetterHealth. The event also saw the presence of esteemed guests, including Mr. Peter Njuguna, Director of St. John’s Community Centre, Deputy Director Madam Sarah Mwiruri, Programs Manager Madam Sally Gatei, and Project Coordinator for USAID Tumikia Mtoto, Mr. Joseph Gitu, among others.


As the AGM concluded, there was a palpable sense of anticipation for the year ahead. With such dedicated individuals at the helm, the programs within St. John’s Community Centre are poised for another year of remarkable achievements and positive transformation.