Child and Youth Sponsorship Program

Child and Youth Sponsorship Program

Child and Youth Sponsorship Program targets orphans, vulnerable children, and youth in Majengo village Pumwani ward. We are dedicated to providing quality access to secondary and university education. The program aims to break down financial barriers by providing comprehensive school fee funding to its beneficiaries.

Through the program, we offer various services that contribute to the success of the students in their academic performance through capacity building i.e. leadership training, goal-setting forums, group &individual therapy sessions, holiday tuition, home visits, school visits, and psychosocial support.

We also offer a steady environment where learners can study and hold group discussions to exchange ideas and also learn from one another. This has helped the students over the years improve and challenge themselves to do better.

For the individual-sponsored children, most of them have or are going through traumatic experiences aside from severe poverty. Therefore, our aim is to try and provide them with decent living i.e. provision of food stuff, toiletries and school fees for the children.

By providing access to quality education and holistic support, the program empowers beneficiaries to break the cycle of poverty, achieve their dreams, and contribute positively to their community and beyond. Ultimately, the Child and Youth Sponsorship Program aims to create a generation of educated, skilled, and empowered individuals who play an active role in shaping a brighter future for themselves and their society. Generally, by educating the children we level the ground where they can get equal opportunities as other children in the society.

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