Strengthening Capacities, Celebrating Success: USAID LISA's Impactful Assessment at St John's Community Centre for SJCC and USAID 4Betterhealth.


In a vibrant display of collaboration and commitment to community development, St John’s Community Centre (SJCC) and USAID 4BetterHealth recently hosted a transformative three-day capacity assessment conducted by USAID LISA (Localization, Inclusion, and Sustainability Activity) 

This immersive experience not only shed light on areas of growth and potential but also unfolded as a celebration of unexpected joy.

Capacity Assessment Highlights:

The capacity assessment, spanning three intensive days, was designed to evaluate the operational strengths and identify areas for improvement within SJCC. Facilitated by USAID LISA’s experts, the assessment engaged the management team of SJCC and USAID 4BetterHealth in comprehensive discussions, workshops, and hands-on activities.

Surprise Birthday Celebration:

Amidst the focused work sessions, the third day brought an unexpected turn of events. As the assessment concluded, the Chief of Party for the USAID 4BetterHealth program, Madam Rudia Ikamati, was greeted with a heartwarming surprise—a birthday celebration in her honor. The atmosphere filled with joy as colleagues came together to express their gratitude for her leadership.

As SJCC and USAID 4BetterHealth move forward, the outcomes of the capacity assessment will serve as a roadmap for continuous improvement. The shared commitment to community well-being and development will undoubtedly pave the way for more successful collaborations in the future.