USAID 4BETTERHEALTH, Advancing Excellence: Insights from the FY'24 TAC and Case Managers Meeting at Machakos


In a harmonious blend of strategic planning, skill enhancement, and motivational inspiration, the recent Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Case Managers meeting held at Maanzoni Lodge was a pivotal gathering for our dedicated team. With a focus on key objectives for the fiscal year (FY’24), the event provided a platform for collaborative review, skills development, and the warm welcome of a new regional coordinator for Nakuru, alongside a motivational session led by the esteemed Joel Kobia.

FY’24 Workplan Review and Unpacking:

Central to our discussions was the thorough review and unpacking of the FY’24 workplan. The meeting allowed for a collective examination of goals, milestones, and anticipated outcomes. By scrutinizing every aspect of the workplan, we set the foundation for a synchronized and goal-oriented approach to the year, ensuring that our efforts are aligned with the overarching project goal.

Skills Enhancement Sessions:

A key highlight of the meeting was the commitment to skills enhancement. Two critical skills took the spotlight – report writing and success story identification and development. Through targeted workshops and interactive sessions, our team members honed their abilities to create impactful reports and identify and articulate success stories that resonate with the transformative nature of our programs that geared to ensure healthy, schooling, safety, stability.

Quality Photos for Program Communication and Reporting:

Recognizing the power of visual storytelling, dedicated attention was given to improving skills in capturing quality photos. The objective is to enrich our program documentation with compelling imagery that not only communicates effectively but also captivates our audience. The meeting emphasized the role of visuals in enhancing program communication and reporting.

Prioritizing Key Components:

Strategic discussions revolved around the prioritization of essential components crucial to program success. Emphasis was placed on prioritizing reporting, indicator tracking, and achievement planning. These elements are fundamental in assessing progress, identifying areas for improvement, and steering our programs toward achieving their intended impact.

Financial Reporting, Grants, and Compliance Requirements:

The meeting provided a deep dive into the intricacies of financial reporting, grants, and compliance requirements, essential aspects for the success of our Local Implementing Partner (LIP) staff. Sessions were crafted to offer clarity and guidance, ensuring our financial practices adhere to regulatory standards and grant expectations.

Welcoming the New Regional Coordinator:

A moment of excitement unfolded as we warmly welcomed the new Regional Coordinator for Nakuru Madam Esther Kimari. The addition of this key role strengthens our team and reinforces our commitment to effective coordination and impact in the regions we serve.

Motivational Session with Joel Kobia:

The presence of motivational speaker Joel Kobia – Life Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author Joel Kobia added an extra layer of inspiration to our meeting. His insights and words of encouragement resonated with the team, instilling a renewed sense of purpose and determination.


The FY’24 TAC and Case Managers meeting at Machakos was more than a gathering; it was a catalyst for progress, growth, and motivation. With a comprehensive approach to strategic planning, skills development, and the infusion of fresh energy with the new regional coordinator, we are poised for a year of excellence and impact. As we move forward, the collaborative spirit and insights gained from this meeting will undoubtedly propel our programs to greater heights, making a meaningful difference in the communities we serve.